Message from our CEO

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to African American Family Services (AAFS). African American Family Services is a premier behavioral health clinic in the Twin Cities specializing in culturally competent treatment and services.

Please take your time to browse our website and become more acquainted with AAFS. We have created a very user-friendly vehicle that will serve as an instrument to connect individuals, families, local and national communities, academia, government, and other supporters who have an interest in:

  • Furthering public education to prevent health problems and promoting healthy lifestyles among African American and other minority underserved populations;
  • Identifying and facilitating new directions in minority behavioral health by supporting scholarly exchange of scientific and clinical knowledge;
  • Promoting holistic culturally specific treatment methodologies that encompass mind, body and soul;
  • Using a strength-based approach to supporting and acknowledging the vital role African American families play in the fabric of a healthy, whole, and vibrant community;
  • Supporting efforts that improve the quality and availability of health care to minority and underserved populations.

For close to four decades, African American Family Services (AAFS) has been at the forefront of providing community-based, culturally competent chemical health, mental health, and family based services. In addition, we have a long standing history of expanding the national and international knowledge base of culturally specific chemical health services in the African American community through workshops, customized organizational training, and conferences/seminars.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we thank you for visiting our website and look forward to your continued support. Together we will continue to help the African American individual, family and community to reach a greater state of well being through the delivery of community-based, culturally specific chemical health, mental health and family preservation services.

Please feel free to share your questions or comments with us. Thank you for your interest in AAFS.

Thomas Adams, PhD (ABD), MSW Chief Executive Officer